XXX: OEY + CRANyo and the POLiCE

Frederik Hendrikplantsoen, Amsterdam…15 November 08

OK…in the outline…
i do the inside of the hears, tree steps back to take a look…ok!

– Simis?!
– Ja!?
– I’m S*****

We shake hands…fourth sentence:

– I’m going! I’ll let you deal with the police…
– ?!

Well, what happened next is basically a presentation, asking for the permission, checking if it was legal to paint this mini-ramp, checking the vandalism in the surroundings, asking how it is in Barcelona, ID’s checking (I’m registered here)…

Me saying that if i knew that it was illegal that i would just go by night!?
and while the male officer was checking for the amount of the FiNE to PAY!…the female officer that since the moment she knew we were LATiNOS* had a BLiNG in her eyes!?…convinced the partner, because we weren’t from Nerd-erlands, and it was the first time, we didn’t knew, blablabla…to let us pack the stuff and GO!

And they didn’t take pictures and didn’t check my camera…
And I didn’t finish the monkey by two dots, two lines and a TAG!
Still, because of the BLiNG: *LATiN LOVERS RULZ***

You can ask CRANyo…BiG UP que ES LOCO TiO…jejeje!
Latino Street Gangs