Wall for the Glauben Machen (Make Believe) Seminar’s end of semester exhibition, from the University of Hildesheim.

I was invited to give a lecture about street art (and did it also about graffiti and site-specific art), and at the end the curators invited me to participate also in the students exhibition that was going to be held in an abandoned military barrack.
You can see more detailed pictures in the usual FLiCKR page.

O Nariz Teatro de Grupo

Mural painting in favor of O Nariz (The Nose) Group Theater’s cause, who were evicted from their place after 16 years of serving and developing the cultural life of the city Leiria, Portugal.
I hope all the best for them!
Sad that I got the chance to paint this walls for this reason…

MGR: Fuckin’ ONDA!

When I finished the painting at X Bar Crazy Nuno challenged me to paint a wave under the balcony continuing the first painting from the pine tree (Pinus pinea) forward. I accepted the challenge and promised that I would do that whenever I returned, something that happened recently. Meanwhile there was an infiltration of in the ceiling that he solved but it damaged the ceiling, so he asked me to mask it even if it was with the same color….

XXX: It’s Very CHUNGA (Deluxe)

Details from a wall painted at FLEVOpark for Chunga Deluxe’s Myspace banner, as I’m building their Myspace profile. It’s almost finished, but you can check it out!
The idea was painting a wall that looked as painted by different people through time, using different styles and “biting” a lot of people like they were here too or passed by (and send some props) and make it really dirty.

I’m very happy with the result, it’s one of my favorite walls from all I painted.
I don’t have daylight pictures because when I went back there next day to shoot some, there were already two guys painting over.
I understand, because when you go there to paint you always choose the “worst” wall…This one was to awful for them…hahaha!…GREAT!

You can see the detail pictures in Chunga Deluxe’s Myspace photo’s and also a panoramic picture from most of the wall used as banner.

BiG UP: Hip Hop TUGA!
RESPECT: Stereossauro + Espectro

XXX: Paint & Beer

GREAT Days!…Yeah Yeah Yeah!…Paint, Beer and Smokes!…Party ON!

GREAT painting session with Los Tres Amigos, Ya Tu Sabes, CRANyo and also some details by EARworm and iRULE!
GREAT Music!…
I want to thank SNUB, Los Tres Amigos y MonMORT!
BiG UP for the LiTROSA CRU!
Saludos a EDjinn*