XXX: It’s Very CHUNGA (Deluxe)

Details from a wall painted at FLEVOpark for Chunga Deluxe’s Myspace banner, as I’m building their Myspace profile. It’s almost finished, but you can check it out!
The idea was painting a wall that looked as painted by different people through time, using different styles and “biting” a lot of people like they were here too or passed by (and send some props) and make it really dirty.

I’m very happy with the result, it’s one of my favorite walls from all I painted.
I don’t have daylight pictures because when I went back there next day to shoot some, there were already two guys painting over.
I understand, because when you go there to paint you always choose the “worst” wall…This one was to awful for them…hahaha!…GREAT!

You can see the detail pictures in Chunga Deluxe’s Myspace photo’s and also a panoramic picture from most of the wall used as banner.

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