In a previous post I expressed a desire…
One night after the work as Dishmaster (working class forever), during a bicycle ride with my friend José, searching for garbage to recycle we found a chalk drawing that was huge and had written SUERTE Y AMOR (Luck and Love)…
I was already loaded with chalks, and with a good weather peaceful night, besides from two cats in love…I went direct to business…
The first picture is from a new series I started recently, shows the calculation of a working day, other calculations may include food, working materials, leisure, drugs or calculations on time spent in some schedule, in a phone call, in a dinner and so one…one rule, it happened that day…
The other pictures are from greetings to my friends and PRPOS for the author of the huge draw that was already there…
In the end some useful links for the Masses

Kisses + Health + “Suerte y Amor”

*Dear Chalk Kids – Please do NOT try to find connections to the so called Klan, the only clans I like and I remind for now are the MacLeod and the Wu Tang Clans…

The Revolution of Everyday Life


Revolucionário ProfissionalWhat type of jobs can you do?


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